What’s Coming Up – Week of Oct. 16


  • Culver’s Night – Monday, Oct. 16 5-8
  • School pictures were sent home with students today.
  • Fifth grade Halloween parties will be on Friday, Oct. 27 from 2:15-3:15. Watch your teacher’s blog for specific details.
  • For our next reading unit, students will be participating in book clubs. Groups met today for the first time to determine a reading schedule. Students will have lots of time to read their book club books in school each day, but they may need to use some of their home reading time as well to make sure that they are on track for their book club discussions. Our first book club meetings (session 1) will be this Wednesday.

What’s Coming Up – Week of Oct. 9


  • Early release on Friday, October 13.
  • Fifth grade Halloween parties will be on Friday, Oct. 27 from 2:15-3:15. Watch your teacher’s blog for specific details.
  • Jet’s Pizza night on Thursday, October 12.


  • We are beginning our decimal unit.


  • We are wrapping up our memoir unit and celebrating!


  • We are investigating how organisms affect the Great Lakes.

Photos from our Buddy Activity on Friday

Hello parents!

I hope your families have been able to take some time to enjoy this beautiful weekend. On Friday afternoon, we did a fun craft activity with our kindergarten buddies. You should be so proud of the leadership and kindness your children demonstrate with their buddies. We ended the day with popsicles and some time with our buddies on the playground. Miss Hutichison took some adorable photos and posted them on her classroom blog. Click here to visit her blog and your your amazing kids in action!


What’s Coming Up – Week of Oct. 2

Hello, parents!

It is hard to believe that we have already completed our first month of school! I’m really enjoying watching your kids come together as a community. Here are a few highlights from this week:

  • On Thursday morning, I needed to be out of the classroom for a training. The substitute reported that your kids were well behaved and worked hard.
  • On Friday, we conducted a lockdown practice. Our class was outside at the time that the lockdown practice was called, and the students did a great job of following instructions quickly and calmly.
  • We enjoyed a visit by Eagles varsity football players, cheerleaders, super fans, and members of the drumline.
  • We ended the day by spending some time enjoying a craft activity with our kindergarten buddies.


  • We are excited to begin science this week!
  • New reading logs will be coming home on Monday. Students are responsible for reading 100 minutes each week and having a parent initial their reading logs. Reading logs will be checked each Monday morning.
  • Book It calendars are also coming home. Please note that students should still be filling out their classroom reading log; Book It calendars are turned in to Mrs. VandenBerg at the end of the month.
  • PTC meeting – Thursday, Oct. 5 6:30 in the Georgetown Elementary Library
  • Popcorn Friday – October 6

Social Studies Test and Math Resource

Social Studies Test

  • We will be having our first social studies test on Thursday, Sept. 28.
  • Yesterday students received a blue study guide. They should store this in their take home folders until we have our test on Thursday so that they can review at home as well as at school.
  • Students could also review using the Unit 1 social studies resources linked under social studies on the right side of the blog as well as the Quizizz game that I sent to their school email accounts.

Math Resource

  • Kids learn math a lot differently than we did. Methods being taught for problem solving can seem frustrating at times because we know the “old-school” shortcut methods.
  • While these methods may seem unnecessarily complicated, they are actually designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts rather than simply memorizing formulas and processes.
  • This is important because math standards have evolved. It is no longer considered proficient to simply be able to solve a problem; students are often required to explain their thinking as well.
  • I found this book at Costco a few weeks ago. As both a teacher and a parent, I believe it is a great tool to have on hand for your child’s or your reference when homework questions arise. It includes lots of models and step by step procedures, and the explanations complement the methods being taught.  It is also available on Amazon; click here for more information.

What’s Coming Up – Week of September 25


  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • We will be wrapping up this unit this week.


  • Writing memoir
  • Building agency as readers

Social Studies:

  • Government
  • Test late in the week; see blog/student agenda for details.


  • Walkathon money due no later than Monday, Sept. 25.
  • School Safety Duty begins Monday, Sept. 25!  Ask your child for details about when they will be on duty.
  • Eagle Pride Day on Friday, Sept. 29.

Daily Homework

We’re a few weeks into the year, and our class is adjusting well to the routine and expectations of fifth grade. Please take a few minutes to read about daily homework expectations for fifth graders in room 301.

Independent Reading

  • Students are expected to read outside of the school day for 100 minutes each week.
  • This breaks down to 2o minutes, 5 times per week.
  • I officially check reading logs each Monday, but I sometimes do spot checks as well, so please make sure that your child is keeping his or her reading log in the take home folder.
  • Students are to log the number of minutes read per day and have a parent or caregiver initial each day.
  • Students are to write the total number of minutes in the box at the end of each week.
  • Students are to list the books they are reading at home on the back of the sheet.
  • Parents, it is your child’s responsibility fill in everything except the parent initials. This is a good opportunity for your child to practice responsible work habits in preparation for middle school.

Moby Max Fact Fluency

  • Students are expected to practice their math facts using Moby Max five minutes per school night.
  • Fifth grade math includes more complicated concepts, and fact fluency is crucial to a student’s success.
  • Students should log in through Clever. There is a link to Clever in the technology links on the right side of the blog.

What’s Coming Up – Week of Sept. 18


  • School pictures on Thursday, Sept. 21. Student specific information will be sent home on Friday; please check to make sure you have correct information.
  • Walkathon on Friday, Sept. 22. Fifth grade will walk from 10:45-11:30; parents are welcome to join us.
  • This week students were expected to start doing independent reading at home. Your child has a home reading  log in his/her take home folder. Students are expected to read a total of 100 minutes outside of school each week. After your child records the number of minutes read per day, please initial for that day. At the end of the week, you child is expected to note the total minutes of reading for the week. Please keep these in take home folders as we will refer to the reading logs when we do reading conferences in the classroom.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

What’s Coming Up – Week of September 11


  • Fractions concepts – equivalency, comparing fractions


  • Establishing reader’s and writer’s workshop.
  • Home reading expectations will start on Monday; students will need parent signatures/initials on their reading logs.

Social Studies:

  • Government


The Walkathon is coming up and is our primary fundraiser for the year and will consist of two times for different grades. The event schedule for Friday, September 22nd is as follows:

  • 9:45a.m. – 10:30 a.m.:, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade
  • 10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.:  3rd, 4th and 5th Grade

The parent club is looking for parent participation and volunteers for setup and teardown.  If you are interested in helping out, look for information coming home with your child.

Week Two!

This week, we are starting to see more routine throughout our day and living a little closer to our daily schedule. We have started using a weekly agenda sheet that we’ll complete together each day; this will serve as a talking point for you and your child when it comes to homework, upcoming tests, special events, etc. It should help answer that age-old question, “what did you do at school today?” Also, we’ll begin our math, social studies, reading and writing content, starting to figure out academic rhythms as a class. You can also see a digital copy of our weekly agenda by clicking on the weekly agenda tab at the top of my blog.

Yesterday Mr. Cooley came and talked to our class about being safeties. Fifth-grade students have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by participating in the safety program if they are interested. Safeties stand at the bus loop and on the sidewalk near the parking lot after school to help promote safe choices as students leave. Safeties will be able to take their regular means of transportation after school. Interested students received some information to share with their parents. Students who wish to be safeties must return the blue from by Friday, Sept. 8.

As always, please email any questions that you may have!