Last Minute Camp Reminders

Allergy Notice:

Those of us who have seasonal allergies have noticed that this spring has been exceptionally challenging. When we are at camp, we are outside in the woods and fields all day. In past years, students who don’t typically suffer from seasonal allergies have experienced symptoms while we’ve been at camp. If your child is at all prone to outdoor allergies, we’d encourage you to send appropriate medication. You will have an opportunity to update your med form tomorrow morning if needed.


  • Bring a sack lunch with your child’s name and teacher’s name on it.
  • Your child’s name must be clearly marked on luggage, sleeping bag and pillow.  Masking tape works really well for this.
  • All medication must be in its original container.
  • Any cash  brought to camp to purchase items at the camp store will be your child’s  responsibility.
  • No electronic devices. (Other than cameras)

Check-In Procedures

  • Drop your child off between 8:45 and 9:00 at the circle drive in front of the school.  PLEASE do not arrive earlier.  We need to allow time for K-4th grade students to arrive using the normal drop off procedures in the circle drive.
  • Look for your child’s teacher upon arrival on the sidewalk by the circle drive.



Check In–  Your child’s teacher will check them in for attendance.

Medication drop-off– This will be done with your classroom teacher.  You will leave any medication (with completed medication sheet) to be administered at camp with them.

Lunch Check-in– A volunteer will check for a teacher & student’s name on the lunch and place your child’s lunch in the appropriate box.

Tagging Luggage– A colored tape will be placed on your child’s luggage to help identify it upon arrival at camp.

Luggage Drop Off– Luggage will be given to volunteers to load and take to camp.

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