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What’s Coming Up – Week of Sept. 12

Whew! We made it through week one. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and establishing our classroom routines. Next week, we will really dig into the academic work.

Student Organizational Tools:

  • Each student in our classroom has a black poly folder that is his or her take home folder. The left side is labeled “Notes/Mail” and is for items that do not need to be returned to school (corrected work, information about curriculum or upcoming events, etc.). The right side is labeled “Homework” and is for homework or other papers that need to be returned to school. Please help your child develop the habit of checking his or her folder each night and taking out the notes and mail.
  • Starting Monday, we will be filling out an agenda sheet each day. Students will get a new sheet each day. We will write down homework and other information. Students will keep this sheet in their take home folder. Please look at the agenda with your child each night to be aware of homework and important reminders.
  • Once we get a little further into our first reading unit, a daily reading log will also be kept in your child’s take home folder.


  • Our first writing unit in fifth grade deals with narrative writing. We will be working on writing pieces telling about important moments in our lives.
  • Students completed their first writing piece of fifth grade this week. This was a piece that they planned, drafted, and published independently. This provides me with information regarding the skills that we need to work on both for the whole class and for individual students. Students brought their drafts home today. The final pieces will be sent home at the end of the year.


  • We will be starting our first reading unit next week. This unit focuses on skills and strategies we can use to become more powerful readers.
  • Reading logs will be introduced next week, and students will be expected to read independently at home for 20 minutes at least five times per week.

Social Studies:

  • Our first social studies unit is a review of our government. We will review some information about the United States Constitution as well as about the way our government is organized.


  • Our first math unit will begin on Monday and will involve addition and subtraction with fractions.
  • Look for information to come home on Monday about the goals of this unit.


  • Fifth grade students have the opportunity to serve as safeties on the bus loop after school. Today Mr. Gort met with all of the fifth graders to tell them what the safety program is all about. Applications were sent home today with students interested in becoming safeties. Applications must be returned to your child’s teacher by Friday, Sept. 16.

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