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Week Two!

This week, we are starting to see more routine throughout our day and living a little closer to our daily schedule. We have started using a weekly agenda sheet that we’ll complete together each day; this will serve as a talking point for you and your child when it comes to homework, upcoming tests, special events, etc. It should help answer that age-old question, “what did you do at school today?” Also, we’ll begin our math, social studies, reading and writing content, starting to figure out academic rhythms as a class. You can also see a digital copy of our weekly agenda by clicking on the weekly agenda tab at the top of my blog.

Yesterday Mr. Cooley came and talked to our class about being safeties. Fifth-grade students have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by participating in the safety program if they are interested. Safeties stand at the bus loop and on the sidewalk near the parking lot after school to help promote safe choices as students leave. Safeties will be able to take their regular means of transportation after school. Interested students received some information to share with their parents. Students who wish to be safeties must return the blue from by Friday, Sept. 8.

As always, please email any questions that you may have!

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