Social Studies Test and Math Resource

Social Studies Test

  • We will be having our first social studies test on Thursday, Sept. 28.
  • Yesterday students received a blue study guide. They should store this in their take home folders until we have our test on Thursday so that they can review at home as well as at school.
  • Students could also review using the Unit 1 social studies resources linked under social studies on the right side of the blog as well as the Quizizz game that I sent to their school email accounts.

Math Resource

  • Kids learn math a lot differently than we did. Methods being taught for problem solving can seem frustrating at times because we know the “old-school” shortcut methods.
  • While these methods may seem unnecessarily complicated, they are actually designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts rather than simply memorizing formulas and processes.
  • This is important because math standards have evolved. It is no longer considered proficient to simply be able to solve a problem; students are often required to explain their thinking as well.
  • I found this book at Costco a few weeks ago. As both a teacher and a parent, I believe it is a great tool to have on hand for your child’s or your reference when homework questions arise. It includes lots of models and step by step procedures, and the explanations complement the methods being taught.  It is also available on Amazon; click here for more information.

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