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Fifth Grade Supply List

Hello, friends.

Wow! Can you believe that July is already here? I realize that we are not even halfway through summer break, but do you know what will start appearing in stores right after the Fourth of July? That’s right: school supplies! Even as an adult, seeing those huge displays of brand new notebooks, folders, highlighters, pens, and pencils fills me with excitement and anticipation for the new school year. In case you are as eager as I am to get your new school supplies, I am including a list of supplies that you will need for the new school year.

I hope you have a safe and fun Fourth of July!


Mrs. Ball

Classroom Supplies

  • (1) pencil box
  • (4) spiral notebooks (wide rule)
    • red
    • yellow
    • green
    • your choice
  • (4) two pocket folders
    • red
    • yellow
    • green
    • blue
  • (1) 3-ring binder (1 inch)
  • (3) packs of 3”x 3” sticky notes for communal use
  • (4) dry erase markers
  • (1) highlighter
  • (1) scissors
  • (1) package of colored pencils
  • (2) large glue sticks
  • (1) pair gym shoes to be left at school for physical education class

**Please do not bring a large trapper keeper type binder.  These are just too big to store in the desks in our classroom.**

Highly recommended items:

  • extra #2 pencils
  • extra glue sticks
  • erasers
  • colored marking pen for editing/correcting (not black or blue)

If you’d like to help out, below are some additional supplies that you can donate for communal use. Please consider choosing one or two.

  • tissues
  • disinfecting wipes — lots of disinfecting wipes!
    • We use these daily to clean our tables and other classroom surfaces.
  • extra snacks
    • to be kept on hand for when a child forgets to bring a morning snack.
    • suggestions:
      • chewy granola bars (peanut & tree nut free please!)
      • mini bags of pretzels
      • graham crackers

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