Flipgrid Fun!

Hi friends,

I already miss your sweet faces, and I am so excited to tell you that Mrs. Wysocki shared an idea that I love! It is called FlipGrid, and it’s a private spot where I can post short videos, or grids, on topics, and you can respond with your own short videos. I’m looking forward to posting some fun ideas for keeping busy and entertained while we’re not in school, and maybe even learning a little at the same time.

Check out our class FlipGrid! You will need to log in to access our grids.

**When logging into FlipGrid, be sure to use your child’s school account. The grids are private to protect privacy so only accounts using @hpsstudents.net will work**

From the app, scan this QR code to access our grids.

Check back as I add more topics and new videos, and of course, add your own! Have fun!


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