Appreciating YOU: Parent, Teacher, Referee, Chef, and so much more!

Hello parents,

Has it really been eight weeks since we’ve been together at school? I know it has because I went back in my calendar and counted. This is the only way I know because it is so easy to lose track of the date or day of the week. I miss being in the classroom with your kids each day! I miss their faces, their humor, their insight, their hugs, their high-fives, and so much more.

We’re all experiencing lots of frustration, disappointment, and uncertainty, and even loss. To help keep perspective, I’ve been trying to end each day by reflecting one good thing I’ve experienced, seen, or read about. This list could go on and on, but during teacher appreciation week, I want to focus on the amazing work you’ve been doing with your kids!

You were suddenly forced into this new role of teaching your kids at home….on top of the increased demands of having your kids at home 24/7, changes at work, etc., and you’ve demonstrated

  • patience while we, as a district, determined next steps and adapted the plan as needs changed.
  • grace while we all learned to use new tools and resources.
  • flexibility as situations and plans changed.
  • creativity as you found all kinds of ways for your kids to keep learning academic and life skills.

Thank you for all you’re doing! I appreciate YOU!

The Georgetown staff created a tribute to thank you for all you’re doing as the teachers of your children. The link is here.

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